About James Silberman

James Silberman is Created Equal's Media Relations Specialist and editor of the Created Equal Blog. You can also find his writing at The Federalist, Family Policy Institute of Washington, and on Twitter.

Changing Minds on Abortion Isn’t Difficult

Before joining Created Equal, people would tell me you can’t change people’s minds on issues like abortion. “People think the way they think about it and you’re not going to change that,” I remember being told by numerous people. For … More

On Tomi Lahren and Constitutional Illiteracy

In the latest demonstration of the consequences of removing civics from high school education, Tomi Lahren appeared on Fox & Friends last week to explain why she thinks it would be unconstitutional to overturn Roe v. Wade. Lahren contends that … More

2018 Summer Justice Ride Begins Sunday

When a student reaches the end of the school year, their priority understandably becomes fun and relaxation. This isn’t the case for all, however; some start their Summer break by picking up their cross and acting on behalf of the … More

What the Declassified FBI Texts Tell Us About the Abortion Debate

FBI texts and related documents declassified last week indicate that disgraced agents Peter Strzok and Lisa Page may have been working as political activists within the FBI to sway the bureau’s prosecutorial recommendations in favor of Hillary Clinton and against … More