“Mark Harrington is making a huge impact for life, and I fully support his efforts to unmask abortion in the United States.  Mark is a gracious and articulate defender of the unborn, educating thousands annually.”

– Scott Klusendorf, President, Life Training Institute
   Watch Scott’s endorsement here.


“I stand one hundred percent with the efforts of Created Equal, with getting the truth visually out to students on campuses and inspiring them and equipping them to have that debate with fellow students—to encourage them to really question their support for abortion and ultimately to see the humanity of the unborn child, the violence of abortion, and join our side, the winning side of life.”

– Lila Rose, President, Live Action
   Watch Lila’s endorsement here.


“When it comes to uncovering the reality of abortion no one does it better than Created Equal. Classroom knowledge is important but without hands-on experience it falls short. Created Equal is changing the face of the pro-life movement one young person at a time.”

–  Jill Stanek, National Campaign Chair of Susan B. Anthony List
   Watch Jill’s endorsement here.


“Created Equal has taken the use of aborted baby images to another level enabling the pro-life movement to make abortion impossible to ignore or to trivialize in the public square.  I firmly support the work of Created Equal.”

– Joe Scheidler,  Pro-life Action League
   Watch Joe’s endorsement here.


“Mark is one of few effective warriors in our cause.  Mark continues to develop new and innovative strategies to reach and convince people about the truth of abortion.  Those who wish to be involved in the foremost issue of our day would do well to follow the direction and leadership of the experienced prolife leader Mark Harrington.”

– Troy Newman, Operation Rescue
   Watch Troy’s endorsement here.


“The truth is prevailing, and it’s Mark Harrington who’s taking it to campuses across the state of Ohio and across the nation. I’m very proud to know him, and I endorse what he’s doing one hundred percent.”

– Janet Folger Porter, Faith2Action
   Watch Janet’s endorsement here.


“I am excited about Mark Harrington and his work with Created Equal.”

– Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life


“I believe that Mark Harrington’s work with Created Equal is much needed and I warmly support it.”

– J.C. Willke, M.D., Life Issues Institute


“For many years I have known Mark and witnessed his passion, honesty, tenacity, courage, and selfless commitment to the pro-life cause.”

– Peggy Hartshorn, Heartbeat International


“Thanks so much for the work that you do, Mark. It’s really helping folks see what is going on around this issue.”

Roland C. Warren, President/CEO, Care Net


“Mark Harrington and Created Equal are the real deal. They are truth-tellers and the truth is controversial. Anyone who is offended by the images Created Equal will show is affected by guilt, not righteous indignation.”

– Mark Youngkin, Editor, The Center for Moral Clarity at World Harvest Church

“Mark Harrington’s passion for Life is grounded in his faith.  His deep concern for young women and educating them about the consequences of their choices is compelling.  I have witnessed Mark’s work and the impact it has had on university campuses across Ohio.” 

– Michael Gonidakis, Executive Director, Ohio Right to Life


“I have sat with Mark during numerous meetings at our State Capitol and I want you to know that he has earned the respect and honor from legislators and community leaders throughout the state of Ohio.”

– Rev. Bob Burney, Host of Bob Burney Live on am880 WRFD

Student Leaders

We have had increased attendance since you came in general. Other pro-life groups in the area contacted me and said they were impressed at our bravery and inspired to become more actively pro-life.”

– Ashley Ladouceur, President, UC Students for Life


“Thank you so much for coming to campus this past week.  We appreciate everything you do, and are grateful for the opportunity to stand alongside you all in such events.”

– Anna Lauer, President, Purdue Students for Life


“This is the first time we’ve done a graphic abortion display.  It’s been exactly what we’ve always wanted.  We want dialogue.  I’d rather save a life by shocking someone than being too afraid to show people the truth for what it is.  That’s the way they did it in the Civil Rights.  Many of our group members have never seen these pictures before.  I don’t even regularly look at it, and I need to.  By regularly seeing this stuff, it makes you realize: this is everything.  This is what we’re fighting for.”

– John Sohl, President, WKU Hilltoppers for Life