Request Outreach Materials

Our mission is to reach the culture with the truth about abortion, a mission that cannot be completed by any one organization. With the necessary materials and few directives, you can replicate our outreaches in your hometown.

On this page, you will find the different outreach materials used by Created Equal staff, interns, and justice riders for our different projects. Once you decide which materials you wish to use, fill out the form at the bottom of the page and a Created Equal staff member will be in touch shortly to confirm your request and get your order in the mail.


Before requesting your materials, we suggest you download our outreach guidebook. In it, the basics of outreach will be explained.


These are the staple of any anti-abortion outreach. Four feet tall and three feet wide, they can be held or set up to stand by themselves. Pairing these signs with winsome dialogue make for a powerful outreach. You can request abortion victim signs and/or prenatal signs.

Operation Overpass Banners

These 4X8 banners can be zip-tied to any fencing. For most visibility, we recommend using them above busy overpasses during morning and afternoon rush hour.


Use these as an ice-breaker or as a way to end the conversation by giving them further information to consider.


The simplest form of outreach, dropcards can be left in library books, credit card slots, coffee shops, and wherever else you can think of.

Request Outreach Materials

Request outreach materials to duplicate Created Equal outreaches in your hometown.