Urban Outreach

Urban Outreach

Created Equal’s urban outreach includes both creating informed public debate about abortion in downtown squares and reaching out to those planning to kill their children.

Just like on campus, Created Equal’s downtown outreach begins with signs showing the faces of abortion victims. We pair with these victims winsome apologists who build a defense of human equality. View our prenatal and abortion signs.

Also similar to our interactions on campus, we often meet many downtown grieving their past abortions. Watch Lorinda’s story for one example.

While it is our pleasure to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with people we meet like Lorinda, we are not content to wait until after the abortion to reach them. Not only would that be too late for the babies, but we also want to help parents in the midst of their unplanned pregnancies.

Our team regularly ministers at abortion facilities to speak and share resources with those entering to kill their children. We’ve seen many individuals turn away and even confirm they will not kill their children, such as one father who rescued his baby after meeting our staff.

Want to join our urban outreach? Email Contact@CreatedEqual.org for details. Consider joining our team to help us reach more people downtown. See our internships and career opportunities.

Want to lead your own outreach? Assemble a team. Contact us to acquire signs. And capture your outreach on film to increase your effectiveness exponentially via online sharing (see examples: Created Equal Films). Download THE RESISTANCE Guidebook, our outreach manual, to guide you every step of the way.

For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions.