“The JumboTron outside the DNC is a great idea!”

“The JumboTron outside the DNC is a great idea! Thank you for all your efforts!” – Catherine

This summer, the nation turned its attention to the presidential conventions, and we were there—on the land and in the air. We took images of abortion victims to both the Democratic National Convention (Philadelphia) and the Republican National Convention (Cleveland). Because of #OperationDNC and #OperationRNC, the babies were seen on signs held by our team on sidewalks, displayed on a Jumbo TV screen circulating the streets, and emblazoned on banners flying high above the cities.

In Philadelphia, we challenged leaders of the Democratic Party to “Defend uNborn Children.” Not only did many passersby— including Bernie Sanders supporters, angered by Hillary Clinton’s nomination—encounter abortion victims and engage our young defenders on the street, but seeing our loving nature paired with pictures of abortion-killing struck a chord.


“The JumboTron outside the DNC is a great idea! Thank you for all your efforts!” – Catherine

Reporting on our outreach at a Planned Parenthood (PP) gala supporting the DNC, liberal outlet Cosmopolitan reports, “[A] crowd of mostly young women was holding large, graphic posters of aborted fetuses . . . ‘I was really shocked,’ said 34-yearold Monique Pery, an activist waiting in line at the party, ‘because there were large trucks driving down the street with pictures of fetuses.’” The piece also quotes PP Action Fund Vice President of Communications Mary Alice Carter as saying, “It’s generally loud . . . violent, angry protesters . . . That’s not what we’re experiencing tonight. We have at other events experienced that in the past, but I would say that this is a very different experience.”
Our team impresses even our enemies!