3 Tips to Change Minds on Abortion

Are you tired of watching presidential candidates trip over themselves to praise abortion? If so, I have the antidote for you—a video to cut through the cynicism and remind us that change is possible. Our newest video from the frontlines features another pro-abortion student with a shocking turn-around. It’s only 90 seconds. You’ve got to see it to believe it!

This is just another day in the office for our team. This year, we’ve already had over 800 students confirm in person that they’ve changed their mind on abortion because of our outreach. Imagine the impact if everyone were doing what we do!

For those who want to start, here are three quick tips from the video:

  1. Go to their turf. As the video begins, Morgan is walking home from school, but this normal activity is interrupted by something unusual: she meets Evangeline, a Created Equal team member, on the sidewalk. Had we invited students to come to us, who would’ve come? Pro-life students. Going to their turf enabled us to meet Morgan, who was pro-abortion.
  2. Ask what they think about abortion. This is Evangeline’s first question—not, “Are you pro-life or pro-choice?” The labels aren’t that important. For example, many people identify as “pro-life” while thinking abortion is permissible if the baby has special needs. We must get beyond the labels to find out what really matters—whether people think abortion is moral or immoral.
  3. Clarify their beliefs. Morgan initially says that a woman “should be allowed to do what she wants.” She doesn’t unpack what this means, so Evangeline does it for her. Hearing her own views rephrased and stripped of euphemism and pro-abortion rhetoric shocks Morgan. Seeing the horrifying reality of her own position prepares her to exchange it for a better one.

Anyone can change minds on abortion. Watch our videos, take our tips, and go save babies.


For more training on how to change minds on abortion, see our online training.