Great News: 400+ Confirmed Hearts & Minds Changed in 35 Days

We’re only midway through the fall semester, and already our team has reported back 423 students who have confirmed to us in person that their opinion on abortion has changed! This number, however, tells only one part of the story, since this is only those who admit to us that they now oppose abortion after seeing our signs and speaking to our team. Many more are moved but never tell us or leave with new thoughts which will continue to challenge their pro-abortion views for days to come. And all leave with pictures of abortion victims burned into their hearts and minds. This many minds changed isn’t impossible with the right tactics and boldness.

One essential element of Created Equal’s mission is creating discussion to move people to reject abortion. Taking our cues from social reformers of the past, we put the victims of injustice front and center by displaying them visually on our signs. Our team members are nearby to answer questions, resolve objections to the case against abortion, and share the good news of the Gospel.

Check out a sampling of the press coverage we’ve received:

In the 35 school days since the fall semester began, our team has already been to 17 college campuses and 16 high schools. We’re seeing on average 12 people per school telling us they now oppose abortion. Just imagine if we could be on more campuses! We are just scratching the surface.

More teams = More hearts and minds changed = More babies saved!

Further, the daily growing number of people who confirm to us in person that their minds have been changed on abortion is a fraction of the real impact of our projects. Research from Dr. Jacqueline Harvey (Tarleton University) has found that 91% of people affected by abortion images in public outreach efforts say that the images make them feel more negatively about abortion than before. This means that many more who never stop to speak with us but see our pictures are also being overwhelmingly moved to oppose abortion.

In short, our work is turning people off of injustice, which is indeed our goal!