68,724+ #ProtestPP

History was made this weekend. #ProtestPP rallies were held in 352 cities, 49 American states (plus Washington, DC), and 6 countries. With 279 of the 352 cities reporting, over 68,000 people came out to #ProtestPP. And we are still counting!

The vision of #ProtestPP was to strengthen the efforts of local groups and activists. You can be assured that whatever the next steps are that will be the goal going forward. The main takeaway from #ProtestPP was that the strength of our movement lies in local communities and neighborhoods where individuals and groups take ownership over their local Planned Parenthood facilities. 

Abortion won’t end solely by actions of a few large national organizations (as vital as they are) but by a wide range of contributions from individuals and groups at the local level. 

On top of the mainstream media coverage, reports poured in all weekend from the 342 cities, causing “#ProtestPP” to be the top trending item on Facebook and Twitter.

This weekend was huge, but it was not the end. We cannot pat ourselves on the back and stop now. We have momentum on our side. Now is the time to press forward. Stay tuned for an announcement this week of what we have planned next.