Abortion Advocate Attacks Created Equal Overpass Display

“This is a citizen’s arrest,” an angry abortion advocate declares while ripping down our display in a newly released clip from Created Equal Films. The Columbus resident encountered our team with banners on a highway overpass on the morning of October 16. Outraged by the pictures of aborted babies, she went on a tirade. 

The video shows the abortion advocate ripping down banners showing aborted fetuses put in place for Created Equal’s “Operation Overpass.” While tearing down the display, she insults the team—calling them illiterate, mocking their occupation—before another resident arrives, grabs, and pushes Created Equal staff member Ian.

When Ian requests she stop violating our right to free speech, she responds: “I served in the military for a number of years. I defended that right.” Nevertheless she does not stop trampling on those rights—all the while calling herself a “good citizen.”

Police eventually arrive on the scene, telling the supporters of abortion that Created Equal’s “Operation Overpass” is allowed. When the couple begins to argue, the officer states multiple times, “Freedom of speech.”

Created Equal coordinates in advance with the Ohio Department of Transportation and Columbus Police Department to ensure adherence to the law. Our “Operation Overpass” is a lawful expression of our First Amendment rights.

We are considering pressing charges. Stay tuned for updates.