Abortionist: “We’re One Incinerator Away from Shutting Down” | The Mark Harrington Show

The abortion industry has a weak link.  Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine discovered the Achilles’ heel of the abortion industry: abortion clinics are having trouble finding places and ways to dispose of the babies they kill!  Abortionist Renee Chelian, while speaking at the 2013 National Abortion Federation conference, admitted that her clinic was “one incinerator company away from being closed,” that her rented fridges were overflowing with four months of dead babies, and that she considered having a “bonfire” or “giving the baby parts back to women in gift bags.” 


Disposal of “waste” is difficult for the abortion industry because it’s both costly and unpopular.  There are two pieces of legislation being introduced in Ohio (Senate Bill 254 and House Bill 417) that give the MOTHERS the option of either incineration or internment.  These bills require that abortionists defer to their patient’s desires for baby disposal.  Such laws would HURT the abortionist’s bottom line, driving them away from the abortion business.  Be sure to stay tuned for an upcoming announcement of a project we are launching to deal with the issue of the humane treatment of aborted babies.

Source: Podbean