Abortionists Want Their “Livelihoods” to Be Private. We Can’t Allow That. | The Mark Harrington Show

Abortionists KNOW that what they are doing is WRONG.  In the abortion documentary, “Lake of Fire,” an abortionist narrates a 20-week abortion while sifting through the body parts of a just-torn-apart baby and making excuses for it, saying: “The media likes to focus on the fetus–the gory parts.  But what we should really focus on is that the woman can finally get on with her life.”  But that wouldn’t be an excuse for killing a born child.  Abortionists know abortion is wrong… they JUST DON’T CARE. 

Many (though less) women also know exactly what they are doing.  We must care for the women that ARE PROVEN VICTIMS, but we must STOP PANDERING to women who knowingly turn their children over.

Abortionists are AWARE that abortion is wrong, but they still do it!  But experience tells us that simply PUBLICIZING their “work” brings them a shame that often REPELS them from the abortion industry.  The Bible says to let no one support those who shed innocent blood.  Our “Killers Among Us” project puts that into practice.  Since 2013, we have exposed nine abortionists and have GOTTEN FOUR TO QUIT!

Join us at 4th Street Northeast this Thursday (January 21st at 9am–the day before the March for Life) for ProtestPP in DC!

Source: Podbean