“I advised her to get an abortion. Her refusal was one of the greatest blessings.”

I was standing next to a sign of an aborted 16-week-old preborn child in downtown Columbus when I saw an elderly man quickly approaching. When he got close enough to me, I held out a brochure and asked what he thought about abortion. First, he introduced himself as Larry, and then proceeded to tell me an intriguing story. He informed me that he had recently seen our truck driving throughout the area.

The truck had an image of a 20-week-old aborted preborn human being on it.

He said, “I was disgusted by it. It looked inhumane.” He proceeded to tell me that after growing up believing abortion was a women’s choice, he took one look at that image and realized the treacherous and horrific procedure that is done during an abortion and how it is undeniably homicide. I then asked if he thought abortion should be illegal. He responded with the commonly used argument of rape.

I replied, “I think rape is one of the worst crimes imaginable. It is obviously traumatic and completely vile. But in that situation, what did the baby do wrong? Shouldn’t the one who deserves the punishment be the guilty father and not the innocent child?”

I saw his face drop as he realized the truth.

Then, I pointed to the image and said, “Can you tell if this child was conceived in rape or love? Because I look at this image and all I can tell is that this is an innocent human being who was viciously murdered”. I anxiously waited for a response as he intently stared at the image for several more seconds. What he said next shocked me:

“I have never said this out loud before, but 27 years ago, my girlfriend was pregnant. I advised her to get an abortion and was angry when she didn’t. Now, though, I realize that her refusal was one of the greatest blessings I could ever receive.”

I learned an important lesson through this conversation. A picture is truly worth a thousand words and abortion victims speak for themselves through the images. Abortion is the direct and intentional murder of innocent human beings, and upon looking at the victim images, this truth becomes undeniable.

– Hannah Gerken, Intern, Created Equal