Anger and Intuition

“Why is it not okay to display these images, if the action is okay?” I repeated myself for a second time.

The woman, who identified as pagan, stumbled to find an answer. She had been yelling at my fellow intern, Guy, for a few minutes regarding the abortion victim imagery we use in showing the grim reality of abortion. Standing only a few feet away from the scene, I decided to jump in. She was furious that we would display these images in public. She went on and on about how the images were traumatic to anyone who saw them. Her fury at us was misguided, but her fury was human.

See, the woman couldn’t answer the question because she innately knew that dismembering humans is wrong. But since she had aligned herself with the pro-abortion position, she couldn’t admit it. I believe she was furious that we had uncovered the evil of that in which she and so many Americans, including me, are complicit. Instead of repenting and directing her fury at the action of abortion, she buried her sense of a moral law and directed her fury at us for exposing the evil.

At Nationwide Arena the next day, I discovered something similar in my encounters. The other team had been to Nationwide the previous day, and so the workers in the area were seeing the signs for the second day in a row. Many of them were visibly agitated at our presence again. One woman angrily said, “When are you going to leave? You were here yesterday!” At least one woman told me to “F— off!” A man said to me, “I wish your mom was here to abort you.” Multiple other rude comments were thrown at me in addition to these by the supposed ‘professionals’ of the workplace.

I find it oddly funny that the people at Nationwide were angry at us for bothering them with the injustice of a mass genocide; but again, this reveals their moral intuition. Why were they so angry and agitated? They were agitated at our presence, because they knew abortion was wrong but didn’t want to be faced with the reality of what they support. For the sake of the children though, we cannot afford not to confront them with our nation’s dark reality. With the White Rose we say, “We will not be silent; We are your bad conscience!”

– Nick Kallis, Intern, Created Equal.