Day One: When Abortion Advocates Wear Pro-Life Slogans

To mount a reasonable defense of dismembering young human beings is a formidable challenge. Many who nevertheless accept the test do so only to find themselves undercut by their own moral intuition—or even, at times, the clothing they wear. Yesterday, … More

“My Sister I’ll Never Meet”: Day Three

“I look at these pictures and think of my sister I’ll never get to meet.” These words, uttered between sobs by a student named Allie* at University of Florida not only indicated a mind being changed but also ripped the … More

“Rape is moral in some cultures”: Day Two

“Morality is subjective,” the man uttered, dismissing me with a wave of his hand and a seemingly bored bespectacled glance. What he lacked in passion was instantly supplied by a throng of students cheering and shouting the equivalent of, “Yeah, … More

Showing Them What They Believe: Day One

“I agree with you. We shouldn’t kill children. I would never do that.” I looked at the spirited protester across a table laden with condoms and signs reading “Pro-Choice is Pro-Life,” waiting for her to continue. After a pause, she … More

Hearing Truth is “Really Hurtful”?

“It’s really hurtful,” Purdue student A.J. Lucky told reporters about something he’d seen recently on campus. To what was he referring? Flyers and chalk messages posted on February 2nd alerting students to the disproportionate rate of black babies aborted. Created … More