Bio-Haz Solutions Hauls Away Aborted Babies, Then Uses Religion to Blaspheme God

Christ demands that we love our neighbor. David Henritzy, CEO of Bio-Haz Solutions, applies this teaching in an anomalous fashion.

Bio-Haz Solutions is a medical waste company that disposes of the bodies of dead babies for one of the most barbaric abortionists in the country, Leroy Carhart. Accordingly, we have been encouraging people to call Bio-Haz and gracefully but firmly voice their displeasure.

Responding to the criticism, Henritzy explained that his enabling of the abortion industry is actually a reverent act of mercy upon the souls of murdered babies.

“We at Bio-Haz Solutions are against all abortions. However, we feel a reverential and moral responsibility with the goodness of God and His blessing that we take of the souls of the children with no voice. No other company does what we do in a very reverent and respectful way for the lost souls of these children. We take responsibility of handling and managing how said containers are handled once they leave the facility of origin.  All our vehicles carry holy water and place golden crosses on containers we pick up at the aforementioned locations. We also carry the Holy bible to guide us in time of need.”

Nominate him for sainthood already.

The truth is that bio-hazardous waste disposal companies are the weak link of the abortion industry, or, as NPR put it, the “achilles heel.” Without these companies hauling away the bodies, many abortion clinics would be forced out of business.

Participating in mass murder and then sprinkling the victims with water and putting crosses on them isn’t loving one’s neighbor. For Henritzy to suggest the God of the Bible, the creator of heaven and earth condones such action is blasphemous. Henritzy portrays God as somehow condoning child killing when he suggests such things.

Whether you place a cross on them or not, whether waste trucks carry holy water and Bibles, this doesn’t change the fact that these children who are made in God’s image are being shipped off to be burned like common garbage.  These religious acts don’t restore the dignity lost to the preborn by the abortion. Enabling abortion is a moral evil irrespective of the religious symbols used to cover for the killing.

Bio-Haz Solutions is enabling and profiting from the murder of six, seven, and eight month-old babies. Don’t let Henritzy get away with murdering babies and blaspheming God. If you haven’t already, call Henritzy and explain to him that he needs to stop participating in the bloodshed and, if he has any intention of behaving like a Christian, he needs to get serious about his complicity in abortion.

David Henritzy

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Mark Harrington is the founder and President of Created Equal. He founded the organization in 2011 after 11 years at the Center for Bioethical Reform, envisioning the raising up of a team of young apologists. Mark has been an activist since 1993 and has worked full-time in the Pro-Life Movement since 1998.