BREAKING: OH Supreme Court Upholds Decision to Close Toledo’s Last Abortion Facility

Good news! The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a state order to close Toledo’s last abortion facility!

According to state law, abortion facilities are required to have a transfer agreement with a local hospital. In 2013, the University of Toledo Hospital ended its transfer agreement with Capital Care, Toledo’s abortion facility. Capital Care then operated without a local transfer agreement, in violation of state law.

While lower courts allowed the clinic to continue operating, Ohio’s Supreme Court has now upheld the Department of Health’s decision ordering the facility to close.

Capital Care should be held responsible for killing innocent babies, but at least today they are being held accountable for violating Ohio state law. Those who kill babies should not be given special privileges to skirt the law. This common sense decision should set a pattern for authorities across the nation. – Mark Harrington, President and Founder, Created Equal

Defenders of Capital Care had called on health network ProMedica to rescue the abortion facility by providing the required transfer agreement. In response, Created Equal led a campaign to generate phone calls and emails to ProMedica, urging them not to collaborate with Capital Care.

Randy Oostra, President and CEO of ProMedica confirmed they would not engage in transfer agreements with abortion facilities.

Capital Care is expected to appeal the Supreme Court’s decision. Watch for updates as they become available.