Bringing the Truth Inside Schools

On my second day of work, I stood outside a high school next to pictures of dead people.

I do not know how many people in the world can say that, but even one person is too many when the death depicted in the pictures came about by elective, legal abortion.

We reached hundreds of students on that day, showing them the reality of the brutal reality of abortion. Toward the end of the outreach, I noticed a man approaching me from the parking lot. To be honest, I did not quite know what to think and was prepared for a potentially uncomfortable encounter. However, the man was cordial and simply inquired about what we were doing. I informed him about our organization and our mission to end abortion, and then the man asked a surprising question: “Why don’t you come speak to my classes?”



I paused…somewhat confused. I was not quite sure if he was serious, but he confirmed that he indeed would like us to speak to his classes. He explained that he is a health teacher and would like us to present to his classes when they get to the section on human development.

At first, my response was one of excitement at the opportunity to reach high school students in the classroom, but then the pragmatist in me took over and realized that it may be difficult to actually get approval through a public high school’s administration. The health teacher admitted that he did not know how graphic our presentation could be if we were approved to speak to the students, but he said he would talk to the administration for us.

The best part though, in my mind, is that during our conversation, the teacher acknowledged the students’ need for Christ in their lives. At Created Equal, the immediate mission is to end abortion, but we also realize the big picture that in order for abortion to end and society to improve as a whole, Christ is the ultimate answer…I only hope the students at this high school will receive Christ in their lives.

We are yet to receive word as to whether the administration has given their approval. Please pray that they might give their approval, that we might have the opportunity to present to the students the truth about abortion and the value of human life.