Start a Club


Steps to starting a student group:

  • Check with your Student Activities, Student Life, or Student Government office for details on becoming an officially recognized student organization
  • Find a faculty advisor
    • Most schools require a faculty advisor. However, if you are unable to find one, your club will still be able to function but without the benefit of possible school funding, and you will not be able to reserve school facilities for your events.
    • The faculty adviser can provide needed guidance in many areas including working with the administration.
    • Finding an adviser might be a little difficult. Ask other like-minded organizations for referrals. If that fails, pay attention to your instructors – do they discuss abortion? If so, what position do they take? If they sound like they are sympathetic ask them if they would become your advisor
  • Recruit officers: Ask to share your vision for a pro-life group with other leaders and members of other organizations. Ask another student group to permit you to set up a table to recruit pro-life students. Most campuses require at least three officers to get started.
  • Create a constitution.
    • Most schools require this; plus it is beneficial to know exactly what your group is going to do, and how they are going to do it.
    • See a sample constitution.

Note: Each high school, university, or college is different, as are each administration’s policies for becoming an officially recognized student organization; meaning the necessary steps to starting a club may vary slightly.

Invite Created Equal to your campus

We are looking for individuals or groups who will take an active role in using Created Equal’s training and outreach tools. We are seeking students who are serious about impacting their campus.

To make our partnership with you successful, we ask that you promote Created Equal on campus, as well as seek commitments to participate from other pro-life individuals and organizations in the area. We also try to make contact with local crisis pregnancy centers or post-abortive counseling organizations to seek their participation with Created Equal.

In short, we are looking for students motivated to do what’s necessary to help make outreach on their campus effective. We do not ask that you bear the entire logistical load on your own. Created Equal will work alongside you. This is how we can help guarantee a lasting effect on your campus.

To discuss the possibility of inviting Created equal, please call 614-269-7808 or email We look forward to working with you!

Request Outreach Materials

If you would like to do your own outreach at your school or in your hometown, see our store for resources to expose the truth about abortion.

Know Your Rights

The first amendment provides pro-life advocates certain rights to express themselves at publicly funded institutions and on public property. Please view the links below provided by our good friends at the Alliance Defending Freedom:

For more information about legal matters as they relate to campus, click HERE.