Is Murder a Form of Protection?

The atmosphere of the Ohio Statehouse hearing room was tense, to say the least. I was anxious to hear what the opponents of Senate Bill 145, the Dismemberment Abortion Ban, could possibly have to say in justification of child-dismemberment. Of … More

“I can’t believe this; I won’t support it.”

A windy day of outreach in Detroit, Michigan had me holding on to my sign. One side displayed a preborn baby and the other side showed a 15-week-aborted baby. I saw a young man cruising down the sidewalk on a … More

Your Child is Not Your Enemy

The sidewalks in downtown Cleveland were buzzing. I was not particularly looking for a conversation as I fidgeted by the sign at which I was posted, right next to the Jack Casino. It was during this unsuspecting moment that I … More