Graduates Step Up to the Challenge

While summer kicked off with our Justice Ride, this was just the first step of an ambitious summer campaign. From the “Riders” we recruited a core team to join us full-time for our summer internship program. What makes our internship … More

“Why Would Someone Want to Do That?”

I was a bit nervous for outreach outside the White House–not because the temperature was nearing 100 degrees, but because we would be set up in an area heavy with tourists. In my past experience, tourists tended to be angrier … More

Anger and Intuition

“Why is it not okay to display these images, if the action is okay?” I repeated myself for a second time. The woman, who identified as pagan, stumbled to find an answer. She had been yelling at my fellow intern, … More

The Mind of a Child

To contemporary persons, good and evil are things of fairy tales; simple as to be understood by the uneducated and scoffed at by the enlightened. Nothing demonstrates this like the abortion debate. Two young boys in Cincinnati practiced discourse in … More

Abortion Victim Imagery Awakens the Conscience

For various reasons, most pro-life and pro-abortion individuals argue against the use of abortion victim imagery. One of the reasons they cite is that showing their picture dishonors the victims of abortion. Like most pro-abortion arguments, a minimal amount of … More