Day Two: Will the Youngest One Please Stand Up?

You can spread your beliefs if you want, but the pictures are completely inappropriate for small children to see. Lots of children found your flyers you passed out in Blacklick today and several have contacted the sheriff’s office about it. … More

Day One: When Abortion Advocates Wear Pro-Life Slogans

To mount a reasonable defense of dismembering young human beings is a formidable challenge. Many who nevertheless accept the test do so only to find themselves undercut by their own moral intuition—or even, at times, the clothing they wear. Yesterday, … More

Created Equal’s Summer Justice Ride Begins!

This weekend, preborn defenders will converge on Columbus, Ohio for this summer’s Justice Ride! Meet our team. Follow the Justice Ride! We’ll have updates from the road next week on our blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. For many students, this will … More

“Pro-life is pro-inconsistency”

Letter to the Editor: In “Pro-life is pro-inconsistency” (March 8, 2016), The Alligator states Created Equal (who was on the UF campus this week) is inconsistent for standing against abortion when we are truly not “pro-life” in all aspects. The … More