Summer 2017 Justice Ride Announced!

Apply Now For $50 Discount “I remember seeing your group on my campus last year and it had a significant impact on me,” Emmilee from Bowling Green State University wrote to Created Equal recently. “When I first saw your displays, … More

Trump, Women, and Created Equal

While Created Equal has represented abortion victims at the National March for Life for years, this January we also attended many other events in the nation’s capital, including the inauguration of President Donald Trump and the so-called “Women’s March on … More

What’s the “Pro-Choice” Symbol?

“We all know that’s not true, right?” “What?” The University of Akron abortion advocate cocked her head, turning in my direction. “We all know you don’t really believe your sign, right? It reads, ‘Equal.’ But your position opposes equality.” Over … More

The “Gender-Neutral Uterus” and the Thug: Tales from Campus

When abortion victims are seen, opposition to abortion increases. Abortion advocates know this. And so they resort to mockery and violence to censor the victims. Nowhere has this been seen more clearly this fall than at Ohio University (Athens, OH). … More