Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn Launches in Ohio

Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives Tip O’Neill once said, “All politics is local.” As we continue to see dysfunction and corruption in Washington, D.C., and in our state houses, unborn babies are still dying by the thousands. … More

First Abortion-Free State…

Historically, Created Equal has travelled to the annual D.C. March for Life to represent abortion victims to the marchers using our JumboTron. Unfortunately, last week the March for Life cancelled the event. But God had a plan! Missouri became abortion-free! … More

Help us build a “war chest” for 2021

With the incoming Biden administration, we are facing stiff opposition from abortion advocates who will stop at nothing to silence us. One thing is for sure—our methods get students discussing bio-ethical issues on campus where the debate is being censored. … More

Activists: “President Biden: Defend Unborn Children!”

Created Equal will join several other groups to reach out to the thousands gathering in Washington, DC on Jan. 20, 2021 for the Inauguration of President Joe Biden.  We are the Loyal Opposition! Inauguration Outreach: Jan 20, 2021 “During the … More