Your Child is Not Your Enemy

The sidewalks in downtown Cleveland were buzzing. I was not particularly looking for a conversation as I fidgeted by the sign at which I was posted, right next to the Jack Casino. It was during this unsuspecting moment that I looked up to see a man, four feet away from me, gazing at the photo on the sign, which depicted a 10-week aborted child. I saw this as a good opportunity and my duty to talk with the man. So I asked him, “What do you think about abortion?”

The man, whose name was Sam, went on to tell me that he was against abortion in most cases, excluding rape and perhaps a select few others. After much reasonable discussion, I was able to address all of his concerns. He was quite enthusiastic about proposing difficult hypothetical situations to me, with a swing in his posture and a slap on my shoulder. His composure told me he was not manipulative, but rather genuinely inquisitive. Finally Sam exclaimed, “I’ve got one! I’ve got one! Say you own a gun, and you are sleeping in your house with your daughter and your wife, and you wake to an intruder sneaking through the door. What’s the first thing you do?”

I could see where he was going, creating a greatly loose analogy to pregnancy. I decided to go along. “The first thing I would do,” I replied, “would probably be to shoot the intruder.”

“Right!” replied Sam. “Because you don’t know what the intruder would do. He could kidnap your daughter or rape your wife.”

Immediately, all of the dots were connected. I recognized that Sam, like many others, had been deceived into the twisted view that undesired preborn humans—for the preborn may scientifically be called humans—are the enemies of their mother, and are uninvited intruders. This view is completely antithetical to the truth that mothers have a moral obligation to protect their children from harm.

Sam’s analogy was not only loose, but totally incomparable to the reality of pregnancy. Embryos do not enter into the uterus with predetermination or malicious intent. They are, in fact, the weakest and most innocent of all human beings. An embryo’s “arrival” is a direct consequence of the act of her parents’ sexual intercourse, which directly precedes a mother’s moral obligation of child protection and motherhood. The final inconsistency in Sam’s analogy can be summed up in the few words I said in response to him:

“Listen, Sam, a preborn child is not going to kidnap my daughter or rape my wife.”

At that moment, Sam received an epiphany. “Ahhhh…” he realized, “Maybe you’re right… maybe that’s true… maybe you just changed my mind.”

– Michael Lockwood, Intern, Created Equal