Coach Dave to States: “Stand up to the Supreme Court! They Can’t Make Law!” | The Mark Harrington Show

Rowan County, Kentucky took the national spotlight last summer after Kim Davis, the Court Clerk for Rowan, was THROWN IN JAIL for refusing to violate the law by signing marriage licenses to homosexual couples. OVER TEN THOUSAND Americans flocked to the small city where she was jailed to protest her jailing and advocate for the rule of law. “Show us the law,” and”courts cannot make law” were common refrains as the crowdsvisited Judge David Bunning’s neighborhood and the jail.  Coach Dave Daubenmire of Pass the Salt Ministries wasone of the several activists leading the movement of thousands to fight toprotect God’s law through the preservation of the separation of powers, asoutlined in the Constitution.

Asupreme court decision is not a law–only an opinion. Jailing people like Kim Davis for a “violation of the Obergefell v. Hodges Supreme Court decision” when there is no law backing it is the EPITOME of legal absurdity–and worse… tyranny!  Listen to Coach Dave relay his adventures in Kentucky and share about the NATIONAL MOVEMENT FOR STATES’ RIGHTS that is sweeping across the country!

Please also visit to learn about the “Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates,” and the states’rights movement (led by Tennessee, Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and NorthCarolina) against the judicial usurpation of our elected state legislature

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