My Craziest Outreach Experience

The saying, “No one is really pro-abortion or loves abortion” is false. When I was at Butler University in fall of 2020, our team was greeted with some of the most vulgar and hateful protestors I have ever witnessed.

Students there gathered in a huge protest with signs and took a baby doll, drew blood on it, and repeatedly stomped on it. Some of their signs said, “F*** them kids,” “Hoes before embryos,” and “Mind your own uterus.”

Across the street, a fraternity was blasting explicit music the entire time, while ironically, the girls protesting who held signs saying “Destroy the Patriarchy” objectified themselves for hours by dancing for them. And one of the strangest things was when a guy led the “My body, my choice” chant.

Despite the opposition we faced there that day, several students went from being pro-abortion to anti-abortion after talking to us!

When people face the gruesome reality of abortion, they cannot remain neutral. The protestors there that day decided to celebrate child sacrifice. The images made the students face the victims of abortion. After seeing those images, they can no longer say they do not know what abortion is.

– Ava Frank