Day of Action

From Mourning to Action

You’ve probably heard of the Day of Mourning, when Christians gathered in Albany, NY to grieve the state of our nation because of the shedding of innocent blood from abortion and infanticide. In that same spirit, Created Equal calls on activists from across America to convene for a Day of Action.

Together, we put action to our prayers of mourning. The Day of Action includes:

  • Classroom training on the basics of the pro-life position. Learn how to winsomely and effectively articulate the pro-life view.
  • Activism at abortion centers, downtown public squares, overpasses, college campuses, and more. Using prenatal and abortion victim images and video, we reach thousands with the message of life and the Gospel!

The Day of Action combines head knowledge with street activism. The experience of real-world debate is a life changing experience for attendees.

Watch an example of the conversations you can have after participating in the Day of Action.

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To order signs and expose the truth about abortion in your local downtown square, check out the store.