Difficult Days

Over these past few years of working at Created Equal, I’ve had my fair share of difficult days. Days where nothing seems to go right, days where I seem to only talk to mean people, days where I contemplate giving up.

On those days I consider what else I could be doing. Maybe I would be getting a manager’s position at the movie theater I worked at as a teenager, maybe I’d be halfway into college, or maybe I’d be pursuing a music career.

When I consider those other paths I could have taken, I recall the original reason I wanted to work for Created Equal in the first place. If I really wanted to save babies from abortion, why would I work anywhere else other than Created Equal? Created Equal actively works to seek an end to abortion.

So, when I’m discouraged, I recognize that there are two things I could do: I could stay in that lull of discouragement, or I could pray. I choose to pray. I pray that God would give me strength when I’m feeling discouraged. I pray that I would be reminded who I am doing this for; I am doing this because I am follower of Jesus Christ.

I want to serve God by working to save as many of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ from dying from the atrocity of abortion.

– Evangeline