The “Gender-Neutral Uterus” and the Thug: Tales from Campus

When abortion victims are seen, opposition to abortion increases. Abortion advocates know this. And so they resort to mockery and violence to censor the victims.

Nowhere has this been seen more clearly this fall than at Ohio University (Athens, OH). For years, pro-abortion students on campus have brandished homemade signs to oppose our message of human equality. Their failure to halter our efforts led this fall to professional abortion advocates from NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio joining the fray.

NARAL staff members showed students the way of avoiding meaningful dialogue—Gabriel Mann, Communications Manager of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio told Athens’s The Post, “We don’t condone engaging with anti-abortion protesters at all”—while also trying to mock the babies and our team.


• See pictures from our Ohio University outreach.

One NARAL member donned a large purple uterus costume and told The New Political, “I want to bring this gender-neutral uterus to the forefront of this protest,” leaving many scratching their heads. But while her message was at best unintelligible, it was at worst an illustration of our position. For while her body was mostly hidden, it was clear there was a person inside the uterus costume—ironically akin to babies hidden from view within their mothers’ bodies.

But these silly efforts took a violent turn when a masked thug began beating the victims depicted on our signs with a club. Ohio University police are actively working to identify the student. He will face charges of criminal mischief and menacing.


We are not surprised when abortion advocates display violent behavior. They already praise killing behind closed doors of abortion facilities. Love of hidden violence eventually manifests itself publicly.

When we arrive on campus, lovers of abortion-killing know they have everything to lose. Their frenzied responses lead to self-parody and violence. This desperation underscores the power of abortion victim photography. They know what happens when the babies are seen: we win. That is why they want so badly to stop our team.