“Have you ever seen anything so tragic?”

“That’s so sad.” 

“That’s terrible.” 

“Have you ever seen anything so tragic?” 

These were just a few of the reactions I witnessed yesterday in downtown Columbus during our anti-abortion outreach. I saw a few mothers shielding their children from the sight and others passing by even teared up. Unfortunately, many of these reactions were spurred on by a small kitten that I had pulled out of traffic a few moments after setting up our signs. 

The cat was badly wounded when I picked her up out of the middle of the street. I laid her carefully on the sidewalk and asked a police officer to call for help. Unfortunately, it was too late and the kitten died ten minutes before help arrived. I grew up on a farm so I’ve seen animals die before, and it’s very sad every time. But what I found particularly tragic about that day was the sympathy many people felt for this kitten–while totally ignoring the images of abortion victims just two feet away. 

In our day and age, it’s a knee-jerk reaction to love animals and make sure they aren’t harmed which is a very good thing. Yet why is it that we don’t feel this same empathy and brokenness of heart for the thousands of innocent human beings that die on a daily basis? Why is it that people have the ability to look right at the images of aborted humans and say, “That’s just population control?” 

If our society showed the same amount of compassion for humans as it did for animals, can anyone honestly say abortion would still be legal? If anyone is sad when a cat dies, they should be devastated when a human being dies. 

–Sam Riley

Created Equal intern