How to Answer & Change Minds in 30 Seconds

Question: What if the mother’s been raped?

You’ve heard this one before. It’s probably the most common objection raised when someone says abortion is wrong. Do you know how to respond?

Check out this short video to watch young students first raise this objection and then change their mind in 30 seconds! Then scroll below for quick tips for your own dialogue.

Video: “Proof that Victim Images Work!”

This video provides the perfect peek into Created Equal’s mission: photographic evidence of the injustice paired with someone who can guide individuals as they consider whether abortion is right or wrong.

So, what are the quick take-aways you need for your own conversations?

Quick Response: What if the mother’s been raped?

  • From Feeling to Thinking: So many objections, including this one, are fueled by emotion rather than logical thought. In the video, we begin by meeting the students on the level of emotion—asking, “What do you feel when you see pictures of abortion?” After they express their feelings, we transition to reason: “Why do you feel that way?” This prepares the students to examine their feelings, an important task they’ll need when we get to the content of the objection.
  • Three People Involved: Those who raise this objection forget that there are more than two people involved. There is a third person: the baby. It is right that they have concern for the victimized mother. But we need to remind them there is an often forgotten third person. Should they not also have concern for her?
  • Capital Punishment? Many today oppose capital punishment for those found guilty of a crime. And yet, by supporting abortion, these same individuals condone the death sentence on a child for her father’s crime. Clarify this for them, like we do in the video. The results are mind-changing.

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