Human Equality

“Graphic Pro-Life Demonstration, Counter-Demonstrations on UB Campus”

“(Having an open mind here) after reading one of the brochures it has occurred to me that they aren’t trying to stop abortion,” one University at Buffalo student posted on YikYak during our recent outreach. “[T]hey’re trying to push this idea that we are equal.”

The idea that all humans truly are created equal is indeed controversial. We recently took the JumboTV to both The Ohio State University (OSU) and University at Buffalo (UB). During “Open Microphone” at UB—when Director of Training Seth Drayer walked among the crowd with a microphone responding to questions and comments—one of the more shocking statements came from a student who shouted into the microphone, “Don’t you dare use Dr. King. He fought for the rights of blacks, not children!”

Reflecting later on the comment, Seth writes: 

What matters is not the group for whom King fought. Rather, the vital question is whether or not we corporately want the thing for which King and other reformers have fought over time: veritable equality. 

If we do want actual equality, then we must cease treating it like a childhood trinket—enjoying it for ourselves while withholding from our neighbors—and instead declare finally that “all men are created equal” means all—white and black, born and preborn. 

Our mission is to resist the giant of abortion. However, while waging this great rescue effort, we keep an eye on the greater battle of human equality rooted in the truth that every human being is made in God’s image. We know well what we are fighting—the brutal butchering of young humans—but we are also keenly aware of what we want to build up in its place: a society in which the natural rights of all humans are defended. 

This is a long road paved with sweat and success. But so long as abortion exists, it is the only place conscience allows us to be. 

Mark Harrington

National Director