“I had sworn I would never go into ministry…”

I was first exposed to the reality of abortion when I was 11 years old. I treated abortion like a taboo topic, and I was falling for the lie that it was a woman’s right. If abortion was totally wrong, why was there a debate about it?

My parents took me to trainings that pro-life speaker Michael Spencer would do in my area. It was at one of those trainings that he showed an abortion victim video. Those images stuck in my head and set me on my course to doing pro-life work full time. My heart has stayed shattered by the reality that 2,300 innocent human beings are murdered daily and very few people are doing something about it.


Over the last several years, I used that training to write pro-life papers for my classes, most of which were liberal. There was no college degree that I felt peace about pursuing, but I had sworn I would never go into ministry because it was not stable. Despite my stubbornness, defending the preborn continued to work its way to be a top priority in my life. I had no idea what to do with my passion, and I was so frustrated because only a handful of people around me seemed to care.

In 2019, I started a small ministry called Voice for the Voiceless with a few people at my church with the goal of getting pro-life speakers into churches. I also signed up to go on a Justice Ride with Created Equal. I thought it would be a good experience if I wanted to consider doing pro-life ministry. I then took a step of faith and joined Created Equal full-time after interning. I cannot imagine anything more important than loving my preborn neighbor and choosing to stand up for them.

– Marina Warbington