“I Saw True Change…”

In 2010, a few months before Mark and Seth would launch Created Equal, I attended a training and outreach event that they hosted at Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne. During the training, they showed a short clip from the movie Schindler’s List where Oscar Schindler was lamenting the money and time he wasted when he could have been rescuing Jews from the Nazi Holocaust.

I was deeply impacted as I watched that, knowing that each day babies were being murdered in the name of choice and I was doing nothing to stop it.

The next day, I joined them on campus and watched students see the victims of abortion. I saw each student’s presented argument crumble when compared to the broken babies of preborn children. I saw true change taking place as students abandoned their support of abortion and came to see the value of a preborn child as equal to that of a born person.

Afterward, I reflected on the two preceding days. I knew that I needed to do more on behalf of the preborn, and I saw an opportunity for a 14-year-old like myself to make an impact, even while I was still in school.

– Ian