When It’s OK to Intimidate Women (According to Abortion Supporters)

When is it okay to intimidate women?

If you could believe abortion supporters’ slogans, their answer would be “never.”

For example, there’s the catchy “Hey, hey, mister, mister! Get your laws off my sister!” Or the tried and tired “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries.” Either way, the message is clear: any influence on women’s choices from the law or religion is wrongful intimidation.

Or there’s the elegant but misleading banner of “Trust Women.” This blanket declaration suggests anything other than celebrating every woman’s choice is wrong.

These slogans are misleading. Legal protection for children would not equal intimidation of their mothers. Nevertheless, the slogans demonstrate abortion supporters style themselves as great defenders of women.

However, slogans and actions often tell very different stories. Take a closer peek. You will see there is a class of women abortion advocates continually set aside as worthy targets of intimidation.

You already know who they are: Women who dare to diverge from the party line of 21st century expectations on their sex. Women who reject the notion that equality with men is gained by a medical procedure. Women who refuse to exercise power by dismantling the body of a weaker individual.

So when is it okay to intimidate women? According to many abortion supporters, it’s okay as long as they are pro-life.

“Our March”

It’s no secret “women’s rights” is a misnomer. Many who beat this drum cannot even define what a woman is. In what meaningful way, then, can they be said to stand for women?

Further, intentionally killing an innocent human is not a genuine right. We all recognize men do not have this “right”—and never should. Why, then, should such lethal power be given to women? That would not be equality.

Indeed, this is not truly about women or genuine human rights. Rather, something nefarious lurks behind the veil of “women’s rights.” This is just a smokescreen for narrow-minded pro-abortion dogma. And all women are pressured to fall in—or be pushed down.

The evidence is abundant. Consider the “Women’s March,” inspired by the election of President Trump. Every year, Created Equal has been present for this pro-abortion event. And while the total attendees has plummeted, we continue to see representatives of this allegedly pro-woman movement display shocking intimidation toward pro-life women.

"It's our march" - "Women's March" attendee

In 2019, one “Women’s Marcher” gave an honest explanation. She was presently blocking a pro-life woman from being seen. One man asked her why she would censor another woman. She initially says, “I’m just standing here.”

But then comes the honesty: “It’s our March.” The implication is clear: only pro-abortion women belong in the pro-women movement.

In other words, to be part of the “women’s rights” movement, you don’t need to be a woman, a defender of women, or even know what a woman is.

But you do have to pass a strict ideological litmus test.

Pass, and you’re in. Defect, and not only are you out of the party, but you’re also worthy of all the intimidation the movement allegedly opposes.

“What are you gonna do?”

What does this intimidation look like? Pro-life women could tell many stories. Here’s just one.

Last December, Created Equal’s campus outreach visited Briggs High School (Columbus, OH). After setting up our signs, ninth grade administrator John Kuijper approached our team. He began with a “good cop” routine. He appealed to us “as a Christian” to move our signs across the street. But when we declined his request, he quickly changed tactics.

High school administrator tries to intimidate pro-life teenage girl

As video of the event reveals, Kuijper quickly focuses his energy on Lexie, an eighteen-year-old Created Equal intern. Seeing Lexie speak with a high school student, Kuijper declares, “You cannot interfere with students coming and going from school.”

But he doesn’t stop with this fabricated (and false) rule. He proceeds to walk in between the two. He then raises his hands and begins walking toward Lexie.

Not wanting him to touch her, Lexie backs away. She says, “Sir, please back away.” But Kuijper continues to walk toward her, using his height to intimidate. When he eventually walks into her, Lexie objects. “You just touched me,” she says.

Kuijper taunts, “What are you gonna do? What are you gonna do?”

Who’s Trying to Take Advantage?

Throughout the incident, Kuijper tries many tactics to thwart the free speech of Lexie and other members of our team. He tells students not to take our literature because we are “pro-abortion” and that we’re “trying to kill babies.”

Kuijper even turns his intimidation tactics on one of his own students. He threatens never again to charge her phone if she speaks with Lexie.

But things become truly uncomfortable when Kuijper tries a new tactic. He turns to Lexie with a wry smile and says, “Someone’s taking advantage of you.”

Grinning down at her, he continues, “You seem like a really smart, intelligent, attractive, young Christian woman.”High school administrator: "You seem like a really smart, intelligent, attractive, young Christian woman."“Please do not talk to me like this,” Lexie states.

Kuijper continues, “And I can’t believe you’re being taken advantage … You’re being taken advantage of by ideologues.”

The gross irony, of course, is that Kuijper says this while trying to take advantage himself. Praising Lexie’s appearance is a thinly-veiled attempt to manipulate her.

While his effort fails, his speech remains totally inappropriate. A middle-aged man leering at a teenaged girl while commenting on her appearance and other qualities implies something shameful.

This is hypocritical for someone who professes to belong to a “women’s rights” movement.

And it is dangerous for someone hired as an administrator at a school for teenagers.

Take Action

Will those who support abortion join us in condemning the actions of Kuijper and others who try to intimidate pro-life women? Time will tell.

But we’re not willing to wait. We must confront this behavior now—both to defend women and pull back the smokescreen on “women’s rights.”

And you can join us. Sign our petition to immediately email the principal of Kuijper’s school.

Help us call on Kuijper to apologize to Lexie. Join us in insisting the school clarify their polices to assure the public that such thwarting of free speech will not occur again.

To truly stand for women means something bigger than narrow-minded pro-abortion dogma will allow. It means genuine freedom, liberty, and justice for all women—black or white, rich or poor, born or preborn.