Created Equal’s New Online Training Takes You to the Front Lines of the Abortion Debate

For years, Created Equal has provided cutting-edge training to students embarking on our Justice Rides and internships. Beginning today, that training is available to anyone, anywhere in a new short video series—Created Equal’s Preborn Defenders 101—which combines real on-the-street interaction with quick tips for dialogue. Check out the first three videos in this new series below!

“Students need abortion to stay in school.” Watch Seth provide two easy steps for defenders of preborn babies in response to this objection, beginning with common ground.

“What about rape?” Watch an interaction with high school students featuring one of the most common objections to the case against abortion and learn three tips for response.

Why did he change his mind so quickly? Seth walks through another on-the-street interaction to show the power of speaking with those uncommitted to a side in the abortion debate.

Because our team is on the streets honing our skills, changing our strategies to find the best ways to reach hearts and change minds, our training is not theoretical. It is tested and tried in the fires of the public forum.

We’ve seen these trainings powerfully change students from bashful to bold, and today we want to offer it to you. In each episode of this new series, you’ll watch an interaction from our outreach to observe how we navigate conversation, as well as watch Created Equal’s Seth Drayer break down the dialogue and provide tips for your own conversations.

It is important that those who recognize the evil of abortion talk to those around them about it and do it in a persuasive manner. Share these videos with your pro-life friends and start creating opportunities to expose abortion by utilizing what you’ve learned.