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Despite valiant efforts, an informed national discussion on abortion has not yet occurred. Created Equal seeks to change this not only by equipping individuals to know what to say and how to say it in today’s culture but also through the creation of opportunities to use new skills in dialogue.

Our team is available for Sunday apologetics workshops, morning messages, formal debates, banquet keynotes, and much more. To find out how to invite a Created Equal speaker to your church, youth group, workshop, or event, email


“Becoming Preborn Defenders”

Presentation topics include, but are not limited to:

  • “The Legal Battle.” What did the Supreme Court establish with Roe v. Wade?
  • “Becoming Preborn Defenders.” How do we simplify the debate and build a strong scientific and philosophical case for the humanity and personhood of the preborn?
  • “Social Action: A Movement. Not a Cause.” What made the Civil Rights movement successful? The cause was clear: ending racial injustice. But the key to victory was the common experience uniting activists to sacrifice together.
  • “Sparking the Debate.” Drawing from their experience on the front lines, the Created Equal team will equip you to engage in effective dialogue with those who disagree without losing your cool.
  • “Battle of Ideas: Competing Models of Human Value.” Are humans valuable by virtue of who they are or what they can/cannot do? We dig into the philosophical grounding for human equality and compare it to competing systems seen in abortion advocacy.
  • “Freedom Without Equality: The Bodily Autonomy Objection.” Do women have a right to do whatever they want with their bodies regardless of what it may do to another human inside of them? What are modern updates to the decades-old Judith Jarvis Thomson argument, and how do we respond?
Formal Debate. Purdue University.

Formal Debate. Purdue University.

When hosting a Created Equal speaker, you can expect strong content, a winsome approach, and cutting-edge tools to employ in defense of human equality.

If you are unable to invite a speaker to your area, check out our online training.