Join #OperationRNC!


The eyes of the world will be focused on Cleveland, OH this summer as the GOP nominates their candidate for the President of the United States. Decisions will be made at the convention that will influence our nation for a generation. Created Equal is assembling a coalition of pro-life groups and activists to take advantage of this historic opportunity and collectively raise our voice for the preborn.

To say the least, this has been a chaotic primary season so far, which appears to be setting up for the possibility of a very contentious convention

After visiting the US, the famous French statesman Alexis de Toqueville said, “America is great because America is good.”

The bottom line is: a nation CANNOT long endure which kills its children.

This is a historic year for our movement and our nation.
Please join us for public outreach events in Cleveland before and during the RNC as we demand the Republican Party defend the preborn but also call our nation to repent for 43 years of unabated child-killing. Exact dates and times will be announced soon.

We are living in very perilous times. Time is running out on America. I am begging you to join us.

Contact me now at to let me know you will be part of this effort to draw attention to the sanctity of human life and the murder of the preborn.

Watch and our Facebook page. More specifics will be coming soon.

Created Equal does not endorse or oppose any candidate(s) for political office. #OperationRNC is not supported or sponsored by any candidate, candidate committee, or political party, and is solely intended to defend the sanctity of human life.