Know To Defend: Top 3 Pro-Choice Arguments in 3 Minutes

It can be hard to stand alone outside an abortion facility, pleading with parents not to kill their children. It can be intimidating walking onto a college campus to reach hearts and change minds on abortion.

To be a defender, then, you must have courage—courage to do what is right even if you’re standing alone.

But courage is not all you need. To rescue babies, you need to add knowledge to your courage. There are some things you just have to know if you want to save babies.

And so we’re excited to share with you our newest video kicking off a mini-series we’ll be releasing over the coming months. These short videos will break down what you need to know in a bite-sized format.

Check it out below!

Video: Can You Respond to These 3 Pro-Choice Arguments? – Know to Defend

The video above features our team member Lexie summarizing and responding to three of the most popular arguments for abortion. Here is the first one she covers: “It’s not a baby until it’s born.”

You’ve heard this one before, right? Read the summarized tips Lexie gives below, and then go watch the video to see her respond to the other two common arguments.

Quick Conversation Tips: It’s not a baby until it’s born.”

  • Note the Weakness: Lexie comments that this argument reveals the great weakness of many pro-abortion arguments—that they are not based on good reasoning but rather an agenda. You can reveal this in conversation by saying, “You say the fetus isn’t a human. How do you know that?”
  • “Dead Things Don’t Grow”: Use easy-to-remember language to drive your points home. In the video, Lexie says, “Dead things don’t grow.” This is a memorable way of demonstrating that the growing embryo in the womb must be alive.
  • Back to Basics: Since Biology 101, we’ve all known that when two members of a species reproduce, they don’t create something belonging to a different species. Recall this in your conversation with someone who rejects the idea that the fetus is human.

We have a few spots left for this year’s Day of Action! Join our team in a couple of weeks to learn in person how to respond to this and other arguments. And join us in public outreach to create life-saving dialogue.

  • Who: All ages welcome!
  • Where: Columbus, OH
  • When: June 13-14
  • Cost: $10 for individuals; $50 for a group of 5 or more people.
  • To Register: Go to org/DayOfAction.

Also, check out our short Day of Action clip!