Life Defenders “Timothy Awards” Given for Excellence in Service

Columbus, OH – June 28, 2016 – The Justice Ride may be behind us, but our team of full-time summer interns are just getting started on their mission to rescue children and engage the culture. They just returned from Fort Wayne, IN where they joined Life Defenders training camp to further their apologetic education. Because of excellent service on behalf of babies, three of our interns were recognized and bestowed by event organizers with “Timothy Awards.”

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Timothy Awards: Created Equal interns recognized at Life Defenders

Scott Klusendorf and Michael Spencer of Life Training Institute. Director of Training Seth Drayer taught attendees to respond to advanced arguments for abortion and delivered the keynote address, challenging students to put their apologetic knowledge to use. Outreach Coordinator Ian Spencer guided students through tactics to use apologetics in conversation.

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All present were also invited to join our Justice Riders and interns in their ongoing outreach. All summer long, we will display abortion victim photos on busy overpasses, reach out to men and women entering abortion facilities, create conversation in downtown squares, and much more!

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