Masked Abortion Advocate Destroys Pro-Life Display

On Friday Sept. 16, 2016 after hours of civil discussion, a male abortion advocate at Ohio University donned a mask and hood and began hammering at Created Equal’s pro-life display with a club.  See video below:

Apparently, this pro-choice terrorist premeditated the attack by first mingling with his fellow abortion supporters. Then, suddenly he concealed his identity with a hood and mask and began swinging wildly at several of the abortion victim images.  After vandalizing the display, the masked hoodlum squared-off with a Created Equal staff member in a clear attempt to threaten him with violence if he attempted to apprehend him.  Law enforcement was immediately called to the scene.

“Preborn defenders have been experiencing an increase in vandalism and violence at campuses across the country. Unfortunately, this attack could signal a new wave of violence towards pro-life advocates. Hooded and masked thugs behaving violently towards a discriminated minority brings back memories of the KKK; in this case, preborn babies are the object of the hatred. Abortion victims are already dead, so this lawbreaker acted out his hatred on the closest representation of the actual abortion victims themselves: the images of those victims.  This seems eerily similar to the treatment these babies get from the abortionist.  The only difference is this attacker used a club, not a scalpel or suction machine.” – Mark Harrington, National Director, Created Equal


Unfortunately, this jack-booted miscreant escaped before law enforcement arrived. OU police have been provided the footage of the attack in an attempt to identify the suspect and charge him with criminal mischief and menacing. 

Anyone with information on the assailant is encouraged to call OU Police at (740) 593-1911 or