“What he needed was precisely what he argued we shouldn’t be showing.”

It was a sunny day outside the State House in Columbus, OH (Friday, June 9th).  I was standing next to a sign showing the hands and feet of a 15-week old baby – severed from her body by an abortion.

A man passing by stopped to criticize me for showing such graphic images in an area that children sometimes passed by with their parents.  I agreed that the images were graphic and disturbing, but tried to argue that they were necessary to show because abortion is legal and ubiquitous in the United States – and remains legal because of public apathy.

The conversation quickly turned to the question of whether abortion itself was wrong.  My interlocutor argued that the baby was essentially a part of the mother’s body.  “But does the mother have four legs and arms when she is pregnant?” I pointed to my sign, asking him if he thought those little hands and feet were a part of the mother.


“They don’t have hands and feet at 15 weeks!”

I asked him to show me what the pre-born child did look like.

A quick internet search revealed that the images were accurate, and he conceded the point.

The irony of the situation, however, seemed to be lost to him.  The gentleman was pro-choice, in part, because he had no notion that a 15-week old baby has little legs and arms.  The gentleman was apathetic, in part, because he had a mistaken notion of what abortion is. Victim imagery smashed his misconceptions.

What he needed was precisely what he argued we shouldn’t be showing – photos of the victims of abortion who died just as others were dying in Columbus that week – behind the closed doors of “clinics” – hidden from the light of day.

– Jeremiah Keenan, Intern, Created Equal