No Justice, No Peace: Baby-Killers Walk While Witnesses Are Indicted. | The Mark Harrington Show

Peace cannot long last in a society that condemns its heroes to protect its villains.  America is quickly becoming that dystopian society.  Last week, Harris County (in Houston, TX) District Attorney Devon Anderson, during an investigation of a local Planned Parenthood, INDICTED THE WITNESSES TO PLANNED PARENTHOOD’S CRIMES–the undercover journalists–AND LET PLANNED PARENTHOOD OFF THE HOOK!  David Daleiden (President of The Center for Medical Progress and witness to PP’s secret baby parts trade) has been indicted by a grand jury for “tampering with a government document” and “purchasing human tissue.” Oddly enough, that same grand jury denied that Planned Parenthood sold any baby parts to him! They can’t have it both ways, can they?

We can be sure that this indictment was no more than a political calculation by the leftists.  Corruption and conflict of interest in this indictment is undeniable.  One of the attorneys from the DA’s office is an ACTIVE PLANNED PARENTHOOD BOARD MEMBER, and in the past the DA has received LARGE DONATIONS from the lawyers of abortionists she was prosecuting.  Additionally, none of the charges stand up to scrutiny.  Sure, Daleiden did use false driver’s licenses to fool Planned Parenthood, but not to defraud a government agency!  And he never actually purchased any of the tissue–he only discussed it!

Isaiah 59:4 says “so justice is driven back and righteousness stands at a distance.  Truth stumbles in the streets, and honesty cannot enter.”  That verse is descriptive of this story.  Heroes are outcasts and the wicked often prevail.  Please support David Daleiden as he defends himself against these trumped up charges.  Give to his legal team today through The Center for Medical Progress or Life Legal Defense Foundation.



Source: Podbean