Ohio Abortion Lobbyists, Politicians Want Us Arrested for Calling Abortionists “Murderers” | The Mark Harrington Show

Ohio’s abortion
lobby is blaming Created Equal for inciting violence by proclaiming the
“violent rhetoric” that abortionists are murderers.  The bottom
line is that if abortion is ACTUALLY murder, our saying so is not
“inflammatory rhetoric” that “incites violence.”

Created Equal roundly condemns the violence in Colorado Springs.  The pro-life movement
is without a doubt the most nonviolent social action movement in American
history.  According to the abortion industry’s own statistics, violence towards
abortion clinics has substantially decreased since the 1990’s.  The killer
in Colorado was a loner, living off the grid without any electricity or
connection to the pro-life movement–shot three people completely unaffiliated
with the Planned Parenthood facility.  The only individual that could be
said to represent the pro-life movement in this situation was Garrett Swasey, a
pro-life pastor and police officer who died DEFENDING abortion clinic workers!

Naturally, all
of this evidence is ignored by the abortion lobby, who only care for their
political and cultural agenda.  Here in Ohio, pro-abortion politicians introduced legislation that would fine Created Equal for saying anything
considered “annoying” to clinic workers near their abortion
clinic!  Some of their lobbyists have even insinuated that they would like

Please SIGN OUR PETITION urging House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger to oppose this unconstitutional

Source: Podbean