Otterbein Students Ask School to Buy City Sidewalk to Help Censor Created Equal

The insane “Safe Space” coddling cultures of Mizzou and Yale are not anomalies.  Created Equal has observed an entire generation of young people who are willing to take increasingly drastic measures to punish anyone with ideas they dislike!  Recently, Otterbein University’s student government (through their “Student Experience and Campus Climate Committee,” whose purpose is to “address campus climate”) applied for a grant to buy the very ground we stand on to conduct peaceful outreach!  This purchase would transfer sidewalk ownership from public to private, giving Otterbein the rights to kick us off of the sidewalk, because “[our display] makes the campus climate… very unhappy.”  Mark asks the pro-abortion left how far they will go to avoid civil discussion about the positions they defend?  Listen to Mark’s take and marching orders in this week’s broadcast.

Source Cited: Otterbein 360 (student newspaper)


Read Created Equal’s blog post on the story:

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