Pandemic Fails to Stop Created Equal!

Young people are especially moved by the images we show them. We have reams of testimonials from college-aged students who tell us we changed their minds on abortion. So many of them have been fed the abortion lie ever since they entered high school. They hear it from teachers in the classroom. From Hollywood starlets. From singers. From politicians. And even from preachers!

Watch the video below to see just a handful of these pro-life conversions.


Even with the COVID pandemic, Created Equal was on the frontlines in 2020, awakening hearts and changing minds with a winning formula: photos of abortion victims and students equipped to defend the babies in dialogue. On our recent Justice Ride, we even tracked our effectiveness to see how frequently students were changing their minds from “pro-choice” to pro-life. It was eight each hour!

This past year we reached more people and opened more eyes than ever before. And all the polling data confirms that public support is surely moving toward life.

This success is due to your donations. Each gift you send is a sign that you care. You care about the babies. You care about ending the evil of abortion. And you care about saving America!

Will you help us?

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