Perseverance Through Discouragement

When I look at the abortion numbers, the movement of the culture, and the apathy of people I meet on outreach, it is easy for me to become discouraged. I spend a large part of outreach talking with people who are either blinded by lies or completely apathetic towards the legal killing of the unborn.

It can be frustrating trying to reach a culture that does not seem to care about truth, and that frustration oftentimes turns into discouragement. When I am overcome by those feelings of discouragement, there are two main ways I try to go about working through it.

First, I always start by reaching out to those around me to ask for prayer. Knowing that there are others interceding and praying for me can give me the courage to go back on outreach, no matter how much I am struggling in the moment. We are never in this alone; reaching out for help reminds us of this truth. None of us can continue in this work by our own ability and willpower. It is through the encouraging power of the Holy Spirit at work in us that I can keep moving forward.

Second, I look at those who have come before me and God’s faithfulness. I love looking at the lives of Corrie Ten Boom and William Wilberforce. Their stories give me the drive to continue despite the opposition and hopelessness. Even if we do not always see the evidence of God’s hand in every day or outreach, he is working in and through us.

This is a truth that we can rest in.

– Esther