“She planned to get an abortion. I didn’t reply to her. I didn’t stop her.”

I met a man named Trevor during our Columbus city outreach on June 6th. My encounter with him was actually my first known experience with a post-abortive individual. Initially, Trevor was quite verbally aggressive, spouting F-bombs as he ranted about our victim imagery display. It was challenging to determine why such strong emotions were evoked by our presence. And so I asked him directly, “What are your thoughts on these images?”

A steady torrent of profanity immediately proceeded from his mouth. Once again, his anger was directed toward the visual display. Gesturing towards the pictures, I then asked him if he thought that what had been done to these preborn humans was wrong.

His response was paired with a broken look in his eyes: “She texted me when she learned she was pregnant and told me she planned to get an abortion. I didn’t reply to her. I didn’t stop her.” Trevor went on to reveal that if he would have acted and kept his girlfriend from going to kill the baby, he would have a 5 year-old child today.

The hole in his heart was extremely evident in his demeanor. Right away I recognized that this was not a time to prove the immorality of abortion—his direct experience had already made him keenly aware of the evil. It was time to minister; time to lead Trevor to the only source of true forgiveness, hope, healing, and restoration. And so I proclaimed God’s truth and His promises that are found in Scripture. As I began to declare these truths, Trevor’s face began to lighten. Once an appropriate opportunity arose within our conversation, I asked him if I could pray for him. He agreed to it, and so we bowed our heads together and began to pray. The following event moved my heart more than any other moment from previous outreaches.

As we prayed, I looked down at the ground just in time to see a few tears roll from his face onto the sidewalk.

I absolutely lost it at that moment. And so for the first time, I began to cry with a stranger. When finally we both looked up, he said, “I’m sorry, I’m such a mess. I don’t even know you, and here I am bawling my eyes out.”

This proved to be one of my most memorable conversations. Seeing Trevor’s transformation from rage to encouragement impacted me in a mighty way, as I’m sure it did to him as well. This experience confirmed for me in a tangible way the hopelessness that accompanies the act of having an abortion and the healing power of the Gospel.

– Josiah Lockwood, Intern, Created Equal