“Pro-life is pro-inconsistency”


Letter to the Editor:

In “Pro-life is pro-inconsistency” (March 8, 2016), The Alligator states Created Equal (who was on the UF campus this week) is inconsistent for standing against abortion when we are truly not “pro-life” in all aspects. The editorial begins by declaring that the question is not when human life begins, but rather what makes humans valuable in the first place. While I could use this small space to present the evidence for why we do know that human life begins at fertilization that is not what is most disconcerting to me.

The Alligator continues to tell us that we should determine human value based on some characteristic humans possess such as “consciousness, emotion, or free will.” But the problem is that there is no quality, ability, or characteristic which all humans possess in equal amounts except for their very humanity. If we assessed value based on this subjective sliding scale of what we think is valuable, then we would be justified in trampling and oppressing those who possess less of X quality.

If consciousness is what gives us value, why can we not kill born humans who are unconscious? If emotion, then why not kill those who have less emotion? To place value on a certain characteristic be it age, gender, or ethnicity is nothing short of prejudice–to fight this discrimination is truly pro-life.

We want to live in a world where all members of the human family are equal no matter how they look or act. Do you?