Quick Tips Make It Easy to Start Dialogue

When we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with new recruits, like we just did with two buses of students on our Justice Ride to Florida, we often hear that the part they are most afraid of is starting the conversation. They’re ready to navigate dialogue, but they struggle knowing how to begin. Have you faced this before? Check out the video below from high school outreach for one creative way to lead into dialogue, then scroll below for more quick tips!

Video: This is How to Talk to High Schoolers About Abortion

The video features Seth Drayer, Created Equal Vice President, speaking with three high school students. As they approach, Seth noticed that their shirts pointed to interests he had in common with them.

Seth knew the best conversations happen when there is a rapport among speakers. There’s not a lot of time to build this in 10 seconds on a street corner, but starting with this common interest worked. It made the conversation more natural.

Try these tips in your own outreach!

Quick Conversation Tips: Starting Dialogue

  • Connect: As Seth did, find something on which to connect with others. It doesn’t have to be the graphics on their shirts. Maybe they’re carrying instruments, walking dogs, or with their children. Comment on something about them. This will demonstrate your interest in them as a person and establish rapport.
  • Question: Have a creative lead-in question ready. Make it open-ended. “Yes/No” questions are dialogue killers. Instead, ask, “What do you think about abortion?” or “What are your thoughts on human equality?”
  • Further: Be ready for someone who says, “I’m already pro-life.” Don’t just take their word for it. This, too, is a conversation killer. Instead, follow up with, “Do you believe abortion is wrong in all circumstances?” Many times, you’ll find them pause before saying, “Well, I guess it’s okay when ___.”

Do you want to start reaching hearts and changing minds on abortion? If so, you need to build a team!

  1. Make a list of people you know who might be willing to join your effort to create public dialogue about abortion.
  2. Call them this week. Tell them about Created Equal and your interest in leading our projects in your hometown.
  3. Contact us to schedule one of our speakers to lead a Zoom training with your group.