Scalia’s Death Guarantees a Steep Uphill Battle Against Legalized Abortion. | The Mark Harrington Show

Justice Antonin Scalia has passed, and along with him an era of American civility and constitutionalism has also gone extinct.  He was to the Supreme Court what Ronald Reagan was to the Presidency.  His close kinship with fellow Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg–a flaming leftist–demonstrated his rare gift of civility despite stark disagreement.  Civility is now nearly extinct in our society.
Scalia was also an undying advocate of judicial restraint and citizen sovereignty.  Judicial restraint and democratic rule of law is ALL BUT LOST.  Scalia was the leading originalist Justice on the bench.  We have lost the court’s major restraining force, and now the future of the court hangs in the balance.  Will we have a humble court that protects our constitutional rights, or will we be ruled by a totalitarian judicial oligarchy?

Scalia’s death is particularly relevant to the abortion wars.  On March 2nd, oral arguments for Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt will be made.  The Highest Court will be deciding whether new Texas laws holding abortion clinics to normal surgical clinic standards place an “undue burden” upon the so-called “fundamental right” to abortion.  Several restrictions across the country (even the transfer agreement law here in Ohio, which we rely upon for success with Killers Among Us) will be on the line!  Without Scalia, it is unlikely that these laws will be upheld.  The decision will likely be split, which would defer to the lower court (which affirmed the laws), but WE NEED TO PRAY for this result!

Please RSVP and travel with us to DC (email as we listen to the arguments.  Pray for this HISTORIC MOMENT IN THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT!

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